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Our Methodology


Transparency and Trust

  • We understand just how valuable and limited your time is. This is why we are committed to working as efficiently as possible.
  • Our team offers every client flexible project management. This way you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer and allows us to offer you the highest quality customer service as it pertains to your individual needs.
  • In-house, we touch base at weekly meetings and begin each new week with new working functionalities.
  • You can see exactly how the work on your website is progressing and encourage feedback as often as you want to offer it. This way we make sure that problems are caught and fixed before they have the chance to grow.
  • Open communication is a priority for our company. Professional consulting helps us make our applications even more valuable.


  • We rely on SCRUM in the software delivery.
  • SCRUM is a simple framework that facilitates effective team collaboration even on complex projects. It allows us to work closely with you to develop and produce your product or application, no matter where you are located.


  • Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, haml, Sass, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL, PosgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Sphinx, CauchDB, Solr, Ferret, Aspell, Active Merchant, amqp, OAuth, OpenSocial, lash, Flex node.js, backbone.js, knockout.js, knockback.js, redis
  • Xcode, Objective-C, Android SDK, Java, Rhodes, Payments Integration, Core Data, Application and Database Optimization, Printers Integration, Push Notifications, Social Media Integration, Internal and External API Integration, Real Time Data Synchronization, Real Time Analytic
  • We integrate our software with: Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter Payment Systems: Paypal, BrainTree, Authorize.net, Stripe, Recurly Video Systems: Brightcove, Panda, encoding.com, LimeLight, Kaltura, Vimeo